Visual Birth Plan Template Bundle


Drag and drop features, MS Word, 3 templates in one- pink, blue, and green!



tess birth plan template proof

Visual Birth Plan Template Bundle

Download the FULL Viox Vitality Visual Birth Plan Template bundle to create your own visual birth plan. Access three theme colors in one download- one for girls, boys, and a gender neutral; so you’ll never need to download another! This download contains ALL icons, as well as the background page that organizes the icons into clear sections, making it easy for your care providers to see your goals. Creating a birth plan is important so you know your goals and so your care team can help you achieve them!

Noteworthy Features

  • Three Microsoft word files including one for girls, boys, and a gender neutral
  • All icons for personal information, stage one, stage two, stage three, and newborn care
  • Drag and drop icons into a pre-made template
  • Organized and color-coded

Read the Viox Vitality Birth Plan Series to learn how to personalize your visual birth plan here. Be sure to access posts two and three as well!


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